The First Efforts at Threefolding at The Fellowship Community

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Here now follows a summary outline of the bodies, circles, groups or organs that help support a social form that is ever changing, that is living and humanly sensitive. At the same time, this life is continually emerging out of the human beings who live in a community, and human beings who come and go. The community cannot be considered to be purely spatial, as the community, in fact, extends far beyond the borders of the physical lands. In such a summary, it is also important to remember, that each body, each group, each circle or each organ is made up of human beings. As these human beings evolve and change and as the human beings come and go, change occurs. Except for activities mandated by the state or national government, the life and activities of these bodies is constantly changing. This life and this change will be taken up with the next and last section of this effort on threefolding.

Foundation Organs
Care Circle Fraternal Circle
Child’s Garden Circle Trustees-Board
Financial Circle Executive Circle
Education Circle Therapies Circle

Cultural Council

Community Organs
Mercury Press Works Group, Hand and Hoe
Care Works Group, Garden Works Group
Woodshop-Metal Shop Works Group, Candle Shop Works Group
Medical Office Works Group, Pottery Works Group
Weavery Works Group