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This website is an effort to present a digital archive that provides access to the literary estate of Paul W Scharff M.D. Most of  the work in this archive was not prepared by Dr. Scharff for formal publishing. It was prepared for study groups, public addresses, and/or limited circulation amongst folks he determined were interested in his work arising out of his study of Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy, Anthroposophical initiatives, and related works by authors of historical, philosophical, and esoteric significance. These written works are being gathered with the cooperation of his family and colleagues.

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Gender Neutral Language
In this archive one will find the traditional use of the word “man” to encompass all of humankind and “he” as a general singular pronoun. As an archive we do not change the text. It is our task to present the material as written with the exception of changes in punctuation, spelling, typos, and sentence structure for clarity.  The Editor.