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This long path, with so many pages, is taken to share quite some years in contemplation of the threefolding of the social organism in general. Some personal experiences are shared to try to ground the contemplations. At the same time the existence of a higher personal striving is pointed to in the life and activities of Rudolf Steiner. The suggestion is again tinted by a personal note that the effort to take up the threefolding of man and the social organism leads to this higher person that is important for the future of our society. A thirty year effort is shared where an effort has been made at the Fellowship Community to struggle with the impulse of threefolding. A concluding section tries to take up a possible threefold view of the Classes in the School for Spiritual Science, the Sections in the School for Spiritual Science and the Anthroposophical Society. How this is to be worked with, or the forms that might evolve is not prejudged as this is a work to be done by human beings. It is the striving human beings that have to make the School and the Society living, ensouled and inspirited institutions on this earth.